Best restaurant in Deerfield beach

Deerfield Beach is a city located in Broward County in the state American of Florida.This peaceful place for fishing, swimming and sunbathing also offers ideal places to dine in a lively restaurant district.  The Deerfield Beach Pier is a 287-meter (976-foot) long wooden pier that juts off the coast at Deerfield Beach. The mojarra, the dorado and the king mackerel are the usual fishing.  Deerfield Beach is a small strip of sand quite famous among the local inhabitants. The 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) of extension are patrolled by lifeguards every day, which makes this a quiet place to lie in the sun and swim with the whole family. If you have experience in surfing, look for the waves on the north side of the pier, but if you are a beginner you better stay in the area south of tower 9.

There are several volleyball nets installed in the sand. Its use is free and available to those who arrive first.   After spending the morning on the beach, find a place to have lunch or dinner at the many hotels along the NE Second Street. A portion of the street runs parallel to the beach, so you can get a view of the sea while enjoying a delicious dinner. Choose from a variety of cuisines, from the favorite Mexican dishes and fresh seafood to the classic steaks and ribs. At night, some restaurants have jazz and other types of live music. 

The pier opens every day, as in the afternoon, to fish at night. There is a two-level admission fee: observers and walkers pay less than fishermen. Fishing fees are reasonable and there is a concession stand at the dock that sells bait. There are also stations to cut the bait and rinse the freshly caught fish in fresh water. Fishing lessons for beginners are organized at the dock every second Saturday of the month. Classes are limited to the first 25 applicants, so you need to arrive early to participate and learn from expert fishermen at sea. 

Currently, the area’s gastronomy continues to use several of these local ingredients to complement the fresh fish and seafood that is obtained off the coast of Florida.

Visit some of their best restaurant to enjoy a plate of tropical fruits. After lunch, walk through the streets of the town to explore their stores of local items and recognized brands.  Tour the Deerfield Beach area, and visit the various parks and recreational areas.

Along the coast you’ll find Deerfield Beach and Deerfield Island parks , as well as Quiet Waters Park. Here you can swim and practice water sports, such as water skiing and scuba diving or, if you prefer, simply relax on the beach under an umbrella.

Visit the Arboretum of Deerfield Beach , the town’s huge botanical garden. On this site you will find a wide variety of endemic trees from the areas of Miami and South Florida. 

Deerfield Beach is located only 64 kilometers (40 mi) north of Miami and can be reached by car, bus or taxi from the metropolitan area. You can move on foot to most of the attractions along the coast or you can take a bus.